Substance Use Disorders

It appears more likely than ever that both sides of Congress will soon follow through with a response to America’s addiction crisis. That’s the good news. The other news: While the bill that was approved 407-5 Friday by the U.S. House represents important progress in the federal approach to addiction, […]

Comprehensive Addiction Legislation Falls Short, Lacks Needed Funding

In the midst of one of the most impactful public health crisis this country has ever seen – coined widely as the “opioid epidemic” – there are no shortage of stories highlighting the recovery efforts of those affected by substance use disorders, their allies, and the communities which they live […]

In Midst of Opioid Epidemic, Collegiate Recovery Creates Hope in ...

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Asking any behavioral health professional, perhaps any professional in any field, and you will find quickly that one of the largest obstacles that they strive to overcome is silos. These can be silos of care, silos of information sharing, or silos of silence causing duplicated services and wasted fiscal spending. […]

The Intersection of Reform: Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health

Taking a look back over the last 40 years, the landscape of the collegiate recovery field is littered with heroes and champions, the likes of which have guided minds such as myself through the process of building supports for students seeking, and in, long-term recovery. Names such as Harris, Laitman, […]

Top Down, Bottom Up: Building the Country’s First Integrated Collegiate ...