And no, not THAT King James, but rather the one of regal descent; the handsome fellow below. How could I, an individual born no where near the 16th Century – an individual in long-term recovery whose substance use disorder resulted in a felonious conviction of driving under the influence, assert […]

A Felon, or King James?

This past Mother’s day, I had a conversation that has been had multiple times over the last 3 years. “Why don’t we do a better job of recruiting, retaining, and empowering allies in our own movement?”, asked my fiancé. She also happens to be an advocate for many social justice […]

The Greatest Social Justice Assets – Our Allies

Holding Paper People in Hands 1
  Whether we know it or not, at some point in our lives we have probably been in contact with, or impacted by, a social worker. Now, I know what you’re thinking, “but how could I have been in contact with a social worker, I’ve never had my kids taken […]

Social Workers: The Professionals You’ve Never Really Known

Cheri Garcia visits the Steve Harvey Show to talk about Second Chances.
Cheri Garcia is a trailblazer, which those invested in the lives and value of human connection need to know. Over the last 5 years, Cheri has overcome stacked odds to become one of the highly successful entrepreneurs out of Dallas, Texas. From playing a vital role in Mark Cuban’s Public […]

Dallas Inventor Uses Entrepreneurship to Change Lives and Fuel Second ...

Rituals in nature - yoga pose with trees.
Those of us that live life in recovery from substance use disorders, mental health concerns, or other behavioral health disorders, know full well the value that daily rituals provide us in our journey for wellness. Whether you call them a design for living, self-care, or a daily routine – these […]

Rituals in Recovery

Equity - Hands of different colors
Conversations surrounding race are a reoccurring thing of consequence in most social justice advocacy circles, and have been for some time. Realistically, conversations of race, privilege, and xenophobia have likely been happening since the fear of punishment for such talk was squashed. Fellow recovery and social justice writers have broached […]

Finding Equity in the “R” of Race and Recovery

Gamma Tau, University of North Texas, Group Shot - 2015
Often times when Greek life, fraternity and sorority organizations at colleges and universities, receives public attention it is attributable to negative undertones. Take for example a recent op-ed in Inside Higher Ed, which explores everything from sexual assault, suspensions, to wild parties and destruction of property. Truth be told – […]

Uncommon Support: Recovery and Fraternal Brotherhood

Lady Justice 1
Asking any behavioral health professional, perhaps any professional in any field, and you will find quickly that one of the largest obstacles that they strive to overcome is silos. These can be silos of care, silos of information sharing, or silos of silence causing duplicated services and wasted fiscal spending. […]

The Intersection of Reform: Criminal Justice and Behavioral Health

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For millennia, social justice movements have been the impetus for change in a wide array of societies. Here in the United States, we have experienced the Women’s Suffrage movement, the Civil Rights movement, the Aids movement, the LGBTQ+ movement, and most importantly to me and many of you, the recovery […]

The Recovery Movement Makes History

Forest Light 4
(Disclaimer: Finding Faith, God, or any religion/spirituality is not a prerequisite for recovery, and there are many ways to the same goal. For those that find these things in their journey there are those that won’t or don’t need to – we can all coexist) For much of the early […]

Finding God in Recovery

Angry upset boy, little man blowing steam, coming from ears
“No promises that things will get better, but they will get different” is a quote that I took with me from one of the very first mutual aid meetings I went to early in my recovery journey. At the time, things were still pretty miserable and when I heard those […]

“Things won’t get better, but they will get different”

mook 2
Early Monday morning, my fiancé and I had the honor to attend a campaign event in Dallas, Texas – hosted by our friends Dr. Mark Parker and Eric Johnson – with special guest, Robby Mook, campaign director for Hillary Clinton. Recently, I have discussed the unique nature in which a […]

A Candidate Fighting for Recovery